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Technical assistance and warranty

Technical assistance

SAEY products meet the highest quality standards and undergo a thorough inspection before they leave our factory. Yet it is possible that there is something wrong with your device.

In this case, contact your dealer or installer who placed the device for you, or find the SAEY dealer (s) in your area using the menu "dealers" on this site. Usually our dealers can solve the problem for you. Should this not be the case, the dealer or installer can rely on the SAEY service. Our own service technicians arrive as soon as possible to visit you to fix the problem.


On inserts offers SAEY a whopping five year warranty and on replaceable elements you enjoy 2 year warranty. All other SAEY devices are 2-year warranty for any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase and to the extent that the use is in accordance with the instructions.

Your receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase is your proof of guarantee. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of parts defective in normal use. This warranty does not cover defects resulting from incorrect installation, misuse, modification of the device, disassemble the unit, wear or lack of maintenance.

The guarantee must always be given at your dealer.

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